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Here you can find fitness,  yummy goods, inspiration, motivation, lifestyle, & travel. So have fun, and enjoy! It's all about creating & living a life fit for you!



The Popular Kid in Town: The Theragun

The Popular Kid in Town: The Theragun

This invention has been the talk of the town around here…

I’ve seen so many trainers in the fitness community using it,

saw its growing popularity in the sports industry - NFL, NBA, and Major League Soccer players using it,

saw many ads being posted across my socials regarding this invention,

and basically heard so SOOOO much about this product that I just caved and had to try it for myself.


Right off the bat, it looks strange. It looks like a construction tool and does not look anything like a recovery tool. Matter of fact, every time I took this weapon out of my locker, the women in the locker room all stare at me in curiosity (and maybe some fear). Every time I’ve used it on the gym floor people would turn their heads and wonder – Where is that noise is coming from?... What is she doing to her body with that thing? What the heck is that thing????

The people have questions!! I too had questions! And now after trying it for myself, let me share and answer some of these questions!

Where did the Theragun innovation come from?


The credit goes to Dr. Jason S. Wersland - an LA-based chiropractor who invented the Theragun after a motorcycle accident that left him with a herniated disc. Because he tried all the existing methods to decrease the pain and nothing worked to help him ease his pain he turned to studying “percussive therapy” and used those studies to develop the original Theragun prototype.

What is percussive therapy and why is the Dr. prescribing it?

Compared to recovery tools and techniques like foam rolling and massage, it works the brain-body connection to change the relationship with pain. 

The G2PRO performs at 2000 - 2500 RPM (33 Hertz - 42 Hertz), and at an amplitude of 16mm., which is a perfect speed and amplitude for effective percussive therapy. Any faster speed would be painful, or damage the muscle, and a slower speed would not be as effective.

“When you introduce something to the body that’s higher frequency or stimulus, it has to pay attention,” Dr. Wersland said.

This is exactly how it’s described on the website:

“Your awesome big brain processes different stimuli from the body in the form of varying frequencies. Pain typically manifests as one specific frequency, and the brain has a hierarchy of frequencies that is processed in a very particular sequence. Introduce a mind-blowing proprietary frequency to interject that hierarchy and boom, the pain is hijacked – the brain is instead processing the soothing stimulus of targeted vibration – and you’re in eternal bliss.”

 Bliss. Well doesn’t that sound amazing?


What are the benefits?

  • Increases blood and lymphatic flow

  • Breaks up scar tissue

  • Relieves muscle fatigue, tightness, soreness, knots, spasms, stiffness

  • Prevents the build up of post exercise toxins

  • Flush out lactic acids

  • Activates the nervous system and muscles

  • Resets the nervous system


How to use the Theragun?

From first glance, it looks heavy duty and complicated to use. But it is seriously so simple to use! You simply pick up the light-weight tool, select the right sized AmpBit you want to use (the G2PRO comes with 4 different AmpBits and there are instructions stating which to use for what and when), turn it on, and apply to your tight, sore muscles or joints. That's really all there is to it. It's equipped with adjustable angles for hard to reach places like the back. So you are able to hit up all the knots in your body on your own and you do not need to get someone to help you because you, my friend, are an independent QUEEN! :D

4 angles that can be easily adjusted to reach all areas of the body.

4 angles that can be easily adjusted to reach all areas of the body.

Very light-weight and easy to handle.

Very light-weight and easy to handle.

The company says you should spend 60-90 seconds per muscle and you really shouldn’t go longer than that. They have a chart on their website that breaks down how to treat each section of your body: TheraGun’s Chart. There’s plenty of helpful tips on their website.


When to use the Theragun?

You can use it for both activation and recovery. So before and after a workout are both great times to use it.

That means you use it to increase blood flow, reduce stiffness, and get muscles firing before going into physical activity. And then, in terms of recovery post-workout, you can use it to get muscles to loosen up before stretching out or to ease pain, soreness and/or stiffness.

Here, I used the Theragun post workout.

So, what’s the conclusion? Did I like it?

From the listed benefits above, I definitely did feel like the Theragun has been a very helpful recovery tool in that has

  • helped my body move better; feeling less stiff and sore,

  • it has helped me feel less stressed; feeling less tight and knots all over my body,

  • and it has helped to activate and reset my nervous system; feeling fired up when I use it in the morning and feeling loose and relaxed before bed.

Before I purchased this product, I was very VERY hesitant to buy it and I had thought about it for two whole months before I finally jumped and purchased one of my own. It’s about $600 - can you blame me for hesitating?!!

BUT, I thought, “hey everyone seems to be loving it, so why not?”…. AND “hey, there’s a 30day money back guarantee, so why not?!” If I really didn’t like it, I’d know within the 1-2 weeks of trying it.

And so, I bought it….. used it every day – morning and night…. and still have it right now. I didn’t return it. I continue to use it everyday. I fell in love with it. I use it on my clients as well, and they too have fallen in love with the Theragun and are contemplating to buy one for themselves!

image_123923953 (2).JPG

 So yes. I love it and I do recommend the Theragun.


Important Reminder:

Working out can cause muscle tear, which leads to muscle soreness. Better circulation can increase blood flow to those beat up locations, which the Theragun does, but does not mean the Theragun will heal them. Proper rest and nutrients will be the TRUE underlying factors that heal your body. The Theragun supports the recovery process.

So friends, please, pretty please, do not forget that sleep and proper nutrition is also very important in your body’s recovery process. Massages and other recovery tools are the pluses.

Just take care of your body inside and out :)

Till next time,




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