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Here you can find fitness,  yummy goods, inspiration, motivation, lifestyle, & travel. So have fun, and enjoy! It's all about creating & living a life fit for you!



Have You Burned Out?

Have You Burned Out?

I felt so tired. I went to bed early, slept for 10 hours and still felt tired. I continuously clicked snooze because I really, REALLY did not want to get out of bed. Every minute in bed mattered to me. I felt so unmotivated to start my day. And when I did get up, my body felt achy and I had a headache for the rest of the day.

Have you been here?

Are you currently experiencing this?

Initially I thought I was just tired and sleep would fix it, but this pattern and these feelings continued near two weeks. I then knew something was off. My body was trying to tell me something really important and I needed to listen. It was telling me I was possibly burning out.

Could yours possibly be telling you the same?


Burnout is a form of exhaustion generally caused by consistent and increasing stress. But it doesn’t just stop at physical exhaustion; the feeling of exhaustion spreads across the board of your mental, emotional, and physical health. Its psychological term refers to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work. The people who have a physically demanding job are not the only ones susceptible to burnout. You can still experience burnout even if you have a sit-down job with low physical demands. AND, even people who really love and adore their jobs can experience burnout. (I can vouch for this one!)

Sometimes we just push our bodies overboard as we hustle to succeed in LIFE. We get so caught up in the millions of things to do that we forget the important task of taking care of ourselves. Our bodies will always give us hints though.

We just need to listen.


  •  Lack of motivation

You’re feeling extreme struggle to get up and moving out the door and be a human being for the day. You have little to no enthusiasm to do anything – even for things you generally enjoy or people you usually love to see and be around. Pretty much you are physically and emotionally exhausted and dread doing everything!

  • Sleeping forever or not at all

Some people will experience insomnia and so will find it difficult to catch any Zzz’s at all. Others can fall asleep with no problem; get over 8hrs of sleep but will still feel like it’s not enough. It’s crazy! Even with more than 8hrs of sleep they will continue to wake up feeling tired and totally not re-energized, as sleep should do for our bodies. Instead, they will wake up with headaches and still mentally and physically exhausted.

  • Can’t think straight

You are taking longer to process things and you are easily frustrated and distracted. Your emails are looking a lot like your dog was playing with your keyboard, typed dog lingos and accidently clicked send. And since you find it hard to focus, and errors occur easier, your performance is dropping. The performance in your job, exercise – in your overall life.

  • Health issues arise

In the past month or two you’ve been sick not just once, but twice and maybe even more! You are getting sick easier - catching colds, or get infections, the flu, or other illnesses because of a weakened immune system due to over stressing your body.

Sound familiar?

Are you listening?

So, when you finally listen to your body and see the signs it is giving you, here are…


  •  Catch them good ZZZZzzzzzzzzs

Losing sleep can be one of the worst things for your health. Lack of sleep can effect your mental functions (poor memory), appetite (lack of appetite or having crazy cravings), lead to improper recovery of the body (feel fatigued), and make you even more sensitive to outside stressors. So getting your much needed hours of sleep can bring all the opposite (positive effects) of all this. Try to create a non-negotiable sleeping schedule for yourself. Give yourself a curfew. Stop browsing, stop working, and just close your eyes and lay in bed. Sure you can keep hustling and working through the tiredness, but you won’t be working at your optimal and producing the best work. Think about that. Or rather, sleep on that.

  • Take back control of your time


Often, people are burnt out from having a million and one things listed in their head.  The mind pretty much has a heaping pile of papers waiting to be organized and filed into its filing cabinets. They spend a lot of time worrying that they’ll forget to do something or that something reeeeeeeally important is going to be misplaced in their imaginary file cabinet in their brains. Try to clear your head by putting together a to-do list and writing it all down. Organize your tasks and priorities; be realistic about how much work you can handle. Make calendar events to organize and maximize your time and production. And also make alert reminders to remind you to do things. Technology can be such a blessing! You don’t have to keep thinking about those things because you’ll have systems in place to remind you. You know that saying? – “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” I ACTUALLY make calendar reminders to text my clients at a certain time to see how their homework workout went, and to remind myself to buy shampoo and conditioner. Both VERY important.

  • Fuel your hardworking machine

Lunch featuring EONS Greek Food for Life located in Murray Hill NYC

Lunch featuring EONS Greek Food for Life located in Murray Hill NYC

We could get so caught up in our day’s schedules that we forget to take care of our bodies with proper fuel. It can be easy to reach for fast food and cheap snacks to grab on the go, but be aware of how foods affect your body’s energy, your mood, and your brain. Those snacks are cool occasionally, but nothing beats a nutrient-dense packed meal. By eating leafy greens, nutrient-rich fruits, and protein-packed meals, you’ll feel more energized and motivated to keep crushing your to-do list. ALSO – What to eat is important, but also the simple fact of NOT forgetting to eat! Skipping meals will drain your energy and contributes to moodiness and over-eating later. (So why don’t you also set a reminder in your calendar to eat too!!)

  • Respect recovery

And it’s plain and simple, really. The only true way to recover from the infamous burnout is to rest your body and mind. Keep in mind that burning out doesn’t mean you’re weak and/or a failure. Taking a break doesn’t mean this either. You’re not giving up. You’re not throwing in the towel. Understand this. You are simply recharging your battery, and taking time to reassess, re-adjust and improve your engines. Once you realize and accept this fact you can then get over that common guilt of taking a break. The quicker you accept this, the quicker you can get back to normal, get back to business, continue moving forward, and crush your goals at your BEST YOU.

Just give your body and mind what it needs. 


Deep down in your soul you know what you need already.



 Take care of yourself,




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