Hi & Welcome!  Here you can find fitness,  yummy goods, inspiration, motivation, lifestyle, & travel. So have fun, and enjoy! It's all about creating & living a life fit for you!  xoxo,  Sandy

Hi & Welcome!

Here you can find fitness,  yummy goods, inspiration, motivation, lifestyle, & travel. So have fun, and enjoy! It's all about creating & living a life fit for you!



5 Tips to Get Ready, Get Set, and GO!

5 Tips to Get Ready, Get Set, and GO!

We have arrived in April, and we are starting to see and feel more sunshine here in NYC!

With the warm weather I've been seeing that it comes with this burst of positive energy. More smiles as I cross paths with people in the streets. Its great! What I also see is more people getting into the gym, more people running outside, and hearing more people talk about “getting back into it.” What’s happening is that people feel the wrath of summer coming and there is this second wind of wanting to attack those New Year's resolutions we had set for ourselves back in January.

And that’s totally awesome to want to try again!

But there’s also this common, dreadful feeling of

“OMG, working out is hard”

or thought of

“Okay, this week started  so I’ll have to start NEXT week to have a fresh start.”

Yes, you will start… one day. How about your one day be today? Set yourself up for success! I’ve put together these 5 tips to help give yourself that “mmphh; get your engines revved up to get yourself started.

Let’s get ready, get set, and go!

Think outside the box!

There is so much out there to choose from, so choose an activity/workout you are interested in and actually want to do. Don’t just think gym. Think outside of the box gyms and explore other ways to get your activity in. Think: jogs at the nearby park, dancing, boxing! When I first started on my fitness journey, I found my escape to be the light jogs I took by the pier near my home. I ran by the water and I LOVE being near water. Because I enjoyed it, I looked forward to going, and getting my butt out the door was soooo much less of a struggle! So don’t think the gym is the only option and place to get started. Start where you find yourself having fun. It's so important to actually ENJOY your journey.

Gotham Boxing Gym in Soho - Boxing class with Toussaint JeanLouis

Gotham Boxing Gym in Soho - Boxing class with Toussaint JeanLouis

Make it calendar official.
Place it down in your calendar. Things look official and more real when it's taking up a spot on your calendar. So set the meeting time, and block out the appropriate time to get your workout in. It’s a scheduled meeting with the boss. You are the boss. Show up for you.

Tell someone.
Just like you made it real by placing it in your calendar, now make it real by saying it out loud. Tell a friend, family member, or even a co worker about wherever you are going to workout, and when. Put it out in the universe. And it’s not to get approval. You say it cause YOU believe it will happen, and cause you know you can make it happen. There’s a sense of accountability here. Often times when we don’t openly say it, it allows us to not commit. But commit to yourself! Say it loud and proud! And go on, and make YOURSELF proud.

Pack everything the night before.

Take a few minutes to gather the things you feel you need the night before, and set them all together and ready for you - the Boss. Some thoughts on packing: pick out & pack workout clothes that scream badass, pack your water bottle cause hydration is so important, pack a post workout snack/preworkout snack so you’re ready in a heartbeat to fuel your body when needed, and pack deodorant because you want to workout like a beast, but not smell like one. In the morning, things will be all set and ready, you will stress less, you will feel 70% accomplished, and now you just need to show up for your meeting and close the deal to feel 100%!


Remember to do it for you. You are starting for you to feel good, for you to feel stronger, for you to feel healthier, and for you to achieve YOUR goals. Yes, the effort can be rough. But staying in the same place when the next new years comes along is even more rough. I get it. There are times that we will feel so attached to our couch, and want to order pancakes while laying down in our PJs. I know! I too will have those moments. But remember how you always feel amazing, feeling💯, when you do do something; when you follow through on that commitment to yourself. See it as time you are dedicating to yourself because you are worth your time. Be proud of choosing to prioritize health for yourself. This is your journey. Own it!

***Bonus Tip - Switch Your Alarm.

If you have a morning workout scheduled, then first and foremost - set your alarm to give you sufficient amount of time to get ready. But secondly, also adjust the sound of your alarm to a song you like. A song that makes you want to start humming to the beat or wanting to sing along with it, rather than a sound that makes you feel like you want to throw your phone across the room. I don't know about you, but the default sounds that come with the phone sound so annoying and automatically make me aggravated to get up. BUT once I changed my alarm sound to a song I like (currently "That's What I Like" - Bruno Mars) I just automatically start wanting to sing along instead of grunt like a man!


Well here you have it! 5 tips + a bonus tip, of what I feel have really helped me get my engines revved up and going consistently. I hope you find it helpful too and decide to make today your day one.

Chat soon :)




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