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Hi Sunshines!

My name is Sandy - in Elementary school mistakenly called Cindy , in Junior High School known as Sandy Candy, and in High School known as Sandy Cheeks (from the show Spongebob). But you can totally just go with Sandy :)

I am a Brooklyn gal who loves to stay active, and help others stay active, which is why I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer and said goodbye to my marketing job a little after college. It is one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself!

Being a trainer has granted me the blessing to be able to express my passion face-to-face daily with numerous individuals. it has opened my eyes even more so to that the meaning of fitness is different for everyone and no journey can be the same. Why and how each person starts, and why and how they choose to continue is a magical story.

Here is where I will share my life, and here is where I will share my the belief that we can Create & Live a Fit Life Fit for us. The journey is not one size fits all.

This passion for health & fitness continues to grow in me by day and here is where I'll further express it. Here, on my blog, you'll find fitness inspiration, motivation, lifestyle, and travel.

All good vibes - what I feel has created value and enriched my life.

All of which I hope you will find helpful to live a Fit life fit for you.

also worth noting, I absolutely love green apples, v-neck tees, all things peanut butter, and I shamelessly love donuts! #donutkillmyvibe

Ready to vibe with me?



Sandy :)